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Using A Money Blowing Machine At Trade Shows & Conventions

Any trade show booth marketer knows that attracting attention is the best way to make your convention a success. Nothing grabs more interest than a whirlwind of money inside a bright, flashy money machine branded with your company's logo. A money chamber is a unique experience, and media and customers just won't be able to stay away. The allure of winning money, gift certificates, and coupons in the money booth is just too powerful a draw! Once passerbies see people flailing around in your money blowing machine, their laughter will draw others and everyone will be eager to see what all the excitement is about. With a line of customers waiting their turn, you have a captivated audience to present your services and products to.

Flexible & Customizable Options

With a lot of customizability and flexibility, any money chamber is a great choice for your next convention. Depending on your marketing budget, you can purchase or rent a money booth for your trade show; you can even rent now and purchase later. You have complete control over how much you give away in your money blowing machine, and can adapt it by decreasing the amount of money or prizes you put in, or by decreasing the amount of time each visitor spends in the money chamber. With excellent branding opportunities and superior control, a money booth is always a great way to promote your business.

When deciding what kind of money blowing machine to use at a convention, keep in mind the amount of space you have to work with. A 10x10 area will require a smaller money chamber, while a 10x20 space can support a full size money booth. If you have very limited space, a tabletop money blowing machine might be your best option. Visitors reach into this smaller money chamber with just their arms and hands, providing a smaller (just as entertaining!) version of the larger money booth experience.

Our customer service representatives are happy to answer any questions about our money chamber options. We offer a full line of consulting services to help you choose the perfect money blowing machine for your next convention.

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